In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God's will. ~ROMANS 8:26-27

Ana Torres; a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother of five, and a grandmother of 16, who is loved by many has cancer. Ana (mom) was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on May 3, 2012, and since then has undergone chemotherapy. Like other cancer patients, she has lost her hair a few weeks into chemo; a pre-diabetic previously cleared has now returned. Now battling both Cancer and diabetes full-on with uncontrollable blood sugar levels high and low. It’s been a battle from the start and due to complications has yet to finish her chemotherapy.

June, 2012 Ana was diagnosed with pneumonia and dehydration and was hospitalized for two weeks.

July 29, 2012, she was admitted to the hospital following some immobility issues which led to the diagnosis of Neuropathy and began treatment. Ana underwent some more tests including a Spinal tap, after this procedure, she was suffering from headache and nausea, all signs of a spinal leak. She underwent another procedure to fix that problem with a blood patch. All while in the hospital attempting to overcome her immobility issues, we were working to get her well enough to come home.

August 10, 2012, Ana underwent a EGD - esophagogastroduodenoscopy and a PET scan, on this day we noticed the redness of her right eye and it was the beginning of what was to come. In the matter of three hours Ana had lost vision to her right eye and it was swollen shut, doctors didn’t know why. After being evaluated by an eye doctor, it was determined that the pressure of the right eye had doubled the normal amount and treatment for pressure of the eye began. In the days to follow, she would be visited by the infectious doctor, the ear-nose-and throat doctor, and her oncologist. Ana underwent CT scans, MRI's, and other procedures which ended in the decision to have her transferred to Chicago. (Rush University Medical Center Hospital Tower)

August 17, 2012, after an MRI at Rush the Doctor’s discovered an open globe rupture, caused by the massive pressure behind her eye which called for emergency surgery. Ana's right eye was removed :(..... We are still waiting for result to come back from the biopsy of the eye and surrounding tisuue to give us answers to all the whys?

August 24, 2012, after a series of ultrasounds due to her nausea, an obstruction of the small bowel was discovered and a nasogastric tube was inserted to get the fluid out which will make her feel better and the obstruction is being closely monitored by the surgery team and being treated conservatively. Ana is also requiring oxygen due to being short of breath and a CT Scan reveals suspicious findings in lungs which is being further evaluated by a pulmonary specialist.

August 25, 2012, overnight our mother's health got progressively worse and she was rushed to Emergency surgery for a exploratory laparotomy, results were that the intestine's are not working (NO OBSTRUCTION) due to the lymphoma. Readily accessible, a biopsy of several lymph nodes were taken for further evaluation. She now has a Gastrostomy Tube inserted into her abdomen to drain the poison out of our mothers body. She also has blood that has accumulated in her lungs (alveolar hemorrhage) which will require she stay on the ventilator until stable. The family is coming together to pray!! LETS PRAY!!

August 28, 2012, its been hard to see mom in this condition for the past 3 days since the surgery. She is sedated, swollen, and needing alot of attention and care. Heart rate is high, she's been running a fever, and her vital organs are all being affected one way or another. Doctor's will be consulting with family regarding her current condition and whats to come. LETS PRAY!!

It has become realization that we have lost our mother, all her vital organs are shutting down and per her wishes she does not want to be kept alive by machines. Doctors will slowly ween her off the meds and ventilator and let nature take its course. The family is devastated and can't imagine life without her, christmas's without her, mother's day without her.

August 29, 2012, we have lost our precious mother and memorable friend to many. Today at approxiametly 1:10 pm she was called to the garden of Angels to look over her family along with her father, stepmother, and grandaughter. Thanks for all your prayers because the battle of emotions begin! RIP MOMMY LOVE YOU FOR LIFE!

With that being said, our mother has not once complained, with her strong face on she is fighting this battle with all of her being! She feels bad for causing her family pain, always worried about everyone else, and through all of this financial hardship is another one of her battles. Like no other, our Mother is our World! She is our HERO!

As much as we just want to show her how much she means to us, we fall short financially. We would like to raise money to help cover her medical expenses. Our gratitude as a family goes out to all of you from the bottom of our hearts, Thank you for taking the time to read this and foremost for having our mother in your thoughts and prayers!

With lots of Love and Appreciation, The Torres Family

On September 7, 2012, we buried our mother and loving wife to our father, we said goodbye to seeing our beautiful mothers face, bubbly personality, and soft spoken voice. We would like to say thanks for all the overwhelming support of family, friends, and strangers. WE LOVE YOU ALL!

St. John Catholic Cemetery
1547 167th Street
Hammond, Indiana 46320
Section P Grave 5

Copyright © 1999-2012 PayPal. All rights reserved.

Ana's grandson Joshuah (Freedom) and his friend (EmmTee) Ana support LOFA
L.O.F.A. - My Soul To Take (Prod. Skillz)


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Latest Comments

Happy Birthday grandma ' I Love & Miss You Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Muchhhhhhhh .!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Comment by: Qesharee torres

You were my sunshine my lovely sunshine I tried to make you happy when your skies were gray, you just don't know mom how much I miss and love you, please just help wash all this pain away.

Comment by: Esmeralda Torres

To the Torres Family, my most sincere condolences. May the Lord give you strength to continue living a life full of great memories. May she rest in peace and may all of you grow closer together!!! La Maestra Marina Rey de la Escuela Seward.

Comment by: Marina Rey

Mom, I miss you so much!! seeing you everyday to not seeing you at all is the biggest challenge for me right now. People tell me I will be ok but than I ask myself how can I ever be ok when I will never set eyes on your beautiful face anymore but in a picture. Mami, I just want you to be proud of me in all that I do and hope I get the strength to accept your passing. As my days go on I occupy myself with planning your funeral and don't allow myself to cry but when I lay down and the day winds down I can't help but to cry the tears of pain that I feel for losing you. Mami, I promise for as long as I'm alive to take care of your Negro, My papi. I will assure that he is always ok and I will try to keep him sane and happy in your name. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU WITH ALL THE ENERGY WITHIN ME!!

Comment by: Esmeralda Torres

I was not fortunate enough to have shared a life full of memories with Ana but nevertheless, she made a huge impact in my life. The unconditional love she shared with her family and friends was enough to make me proud to have had the chance to have known her and more over, fall in love with the marvelous woman she was. I witnessed her strength and courage throughout her struggle and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to be by her side. She has left me with the task of caring for her one and only son, which is something that I put my heart and soul in to everyday. I have fallen in love all over again with the Torres family and I look forward to the many gatherings to come where we celebrate Anas life in memories. I love you all!!!

Comment by: Yesenia

Well we grew up like family, now shes not suffering shes in a better place may god give yous all the strength to support such horrible thing.. R.I.P ana torres

Comment by: Yezenia reyes and the whole family, carmen reyes, ada torres, etc....

Many years ago you helped a very young and troubled teen. You took that teen into your heart and family - treated that teen as one of your own. Always explained how and why one's action could cause a bad ripple in life for that teen. How words can hurt and can never be taken back. Trusted that teen with your babies. Showered that teen with affection and told the teen everyone is not bad - just stay away from the bad and the good ones will come out and greet you. It took years but the teen grew into adult hood with all your teachings firmly in place. I thank you Ana! To my end and eternity I will be always be greatful for what you were and what you are now. A angel. Be at peace and give a hug to my grand mothers. Love you and miss you much!!!

Comment by: Q. Kosmides

My deepest condolenses and sympathy to the Torres Family. Words cannot ease the pain of loosing one of the most important pillards of the family " a mother". Now that she is at rest and in God's paradise may she shine strength and confort to her loved ones.It was an honor to have known Mrs. Ana Torres, She will be missed! You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Comment by: Veronica Noyola-Cardoso (Family-Friend)

My deepest condolenses to the Torres Family - “Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives.” Ana lived her life for her mother, her husband, her children, her brothers, her sisters, her families and for her friends. The memory I’ll always cherish of Ana is, not only was she a beautiful person on the outside, she was beautiful person at heart. Not only was she an exemplar of a mother, she was the pinnacle of all mothers. Not only was she the strength to her family, she was the pillar to her family. Not only did she loved & adored her husband, she kept her sacred vows, “in sickness and in health,” till the very end. God bless Ana with the gift of love. And for that, as a woman,as a mother, Ana will always have my profoundest admiration and respect. The Day God Called Ana Home God looked around his garden, and he found an empty place. He then looked down upon this earth, and saw her tired face. He put his arms around her and lifted her to rest. God’s garden must be beautiful, he always takes the best. He knew that she was suffering; he knew she was in pain. He knew that she would never get well on earth again. He saw that the road was getting rough, and the hills are hard to climb. So he closed her wary eyelids and whispered “Peace be thine.” It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn’t go alone. For part of us went with you, that day that God called her home. Ana, you will be miss and Jellystone will not be the same without you…love ya! Evelyn Gimenez

Comment by:

well grandma Today was the worst day i could ever think of Losing you :( . but i gotta keep my head up too help my mom out threw this too. I dont believe you gone Grandma . i remeber sitting with everyday me & sinkae doin lil plays trying to make you smile and it work . Grandma i beg you please come back i cant do better in school like you wanted if you gone . pleaaasse come back wake me up from this dream . keep the family together i dont wanna lose anyone else . I LOVE YOU !! & Now you happy & not suffering , Rest In Loving Peace My love ♥ GoodNight . Muah ♥ (P.S say Happy Birthday too Micheal Jackson for me )

Comment by: Qesharee Torres (GrandDaughter) ♥

My condolences go to the Torres family we grew up w this wonderful family. But we know Ana is in a better place n finally resting. My family is sending much love to all the Torres family on this difficult time. May she rest in paradise.

Comment by: Cardoso Franco Family

Words cannot express how sorry we are of the loss of your wonderful mother. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ana and the family. RIP Ana. My family and I are sadden by the horrible news of Ana's down turn of health. We only wished and prayered for the best. A mother can never be replaced, but her love, memories can go on forever. She is no longer suffering and is with God. With our deepest sympathy. Lake Holiday Camp has lost a wonderful person.

Comment by: NMendez

R.I.P Ana My prayers go out to the Torres family. You will always be missed/loved by many. Although a mother is someone you can never replace she no longer is suffering she is in a better place now and no matter where you go she walks with you.God will get you through this storm and will fix every broken heart.

Comment by:

May u rest in peace ana its been along time I have not seen the torres family but can remember the times I spend with u guys at your house my sister and I sleeping over with beatriz u were a caring loving person I prayed for u and ur family stay strong all of u guys!

Comment by: guera and family!

RIP Ana... you will forever be miss... but will live within our hearts because you were loved by so many... :'(

Comment by: Chito

Mom is someone that you can never replace in your life. Though a big hole has been left you find comfort in knowing her suffering has ended no more treatments no more surgeries no more pain. Mom will always watch you from heaven until you meet again behind the pearly gates. My deepest condolences for your loss. May gods light and love guide you through your pain. Stay strong and find comfort in him. God bless you Angel and your family.

Comment by: Victor Cerezo

Though it has been years that I've seen the whole Torres family or my childhood best friend Bety. I just want you to know what an impact your mother and family had in my life! Not a day goes by when I don't think about my childhood and life experiences. Your mother had an awesome caring heart...she always took in us crazy neighborhood kids with no complaints. She fed us, nutured us, and showed us love as if we were her own! I pray for understanding and peace for the days to come!

Comment by: Josie

May God give her eternal rest and may her soul rest in peace. Please be strong and accept my most sincere condolences. I feel your pain all my sympathy is with you and your family. From Letty, Tio willie, Lito, Krystal.

Comment by:

May You Rest In Peace Beautiful<3 ; God Gained A Beautiful &' Amazing Angel . Look Down On Joshuah &' Help Him Stay Strong . Your Death Has Affected Many Including The Fans . If Only There Was Something I Could Do To Bring Yuh Back .. Rest Peace<3 ;

Comment by: Melisa

Today I lost you But I wasnt ready, in the last 4 months I learned how strong and amazing you really are. U showed ur unconditional love for all of us, always worried bout us not wanting us to cry.. growing up u showed u would b there letting us make our choices, but close by to celebrate when that choice brought success, or pick us up hug us and encourage us not to give up, when our choice wasn't the right one. I want to thank you for always loving me without judging me, for offering me shelter when I needed it, for always listening when I needed to talk to someone, for trusting me with your most precious children, even when I was a child myself, for hugging me, for, making me laugh, and comforting me when I cried. I can't phantom wat my life will b without you. I LOVE YOU! I don't want to say goodbye .......

Comment by: your lost lil sister Lucie

I love you madrina!!!! Save me a seat in heaven & watch over us in this hard moment. We don't want to let you go but that would be selfish of us. God needs an angel in heaven and he's chosen you. I gained yet another angel to watch over me. I love titi and you will be missed. Xoxo

Comment by: Your God daughter Glady

I'm sorry for everything but I will always pray for you and your family. God had taken an Angel for the right reason because she belongs there to be happy and not suffer here.

Comment by: Jessica Kusper

God bless this wonderful family in this time. But we all know that God has taken another angel of His. Prayers and thoughts for all of you. Stay Strong.

Comment by:

My prayers and condolences to all of you. Losing a mother is so terrible. But she's gone home. To a better place. Be strong.

Comment by: Nirka Gomez

My prayers go out to your family, may God give the entire family the strengh to get through all of God challages. God will be your family through this entire time. Keep the faith, for God is always with us. I shall pray for your family at this time and when I our God decides to take her to a better place where she will be a peace with herself. No more suffering. May God bless you and your family.

Comment by: Lissette Y. Martinez

My prayers go out to all the Torres Family. I have know Ana almost all my life have share good and sad moments. Keep strong we are in this world only borrow for a while, but God never leave us. Love you all and keep strong and together.

Comment by: Nelida Aviles and Family

My heart and prayers go out to you Madrina and your family. I am so sorry that I have not been around. I know God is with you and your family. It has been since I was like 13 or 14 since I lost contact with you then 2 years ago at my husbands cousins house you and padrino were there. I was so shocked and I new Robert jr for a long time and never new he was your son. God works in mysterious ways. He know what he does. I cried when I saw you both. Even tho many years were between us you both were always in my heart. I love you both dearly. I see you have impacted many lives. I will be praying for you. Love you.

Comment by: Maria Laboy-Gracia (Chanita)

Dear Lord father, I pray that you give Anna and her family strength. I know you will never, ever leave them or forsake them. You have the last word and only you know your plans. I know you won't give anyone more than they can handle. Please give everyone the strength they need in this trying time. Bless each and everyone of them with your touch and a peace that surpasses all understanding. Amen

Comment by: Maria Rathan and family

Oh lord father God I come before pleading for healing and understanding. I kneel down before you and pray that you can come down and touch my Aunt Ana with your healing hands. You are so merciful and full of love. I know that miracles are real and that you are able to cure the illnesses of our flesh. I also understand that life is temporal and our destiny is not on earth but in your heavens of purest love. During this day I pray with all that I have that you be amongst us dwelling in the mist of our existence. Help us to spiritually except the outcome to Aunt Ana's beautiful and precious soul. She is the pillar to her family and may her children remain strong and focused on the matters of either the healing you will place on her life or what you have decided is best for your love in Aunt Ana. I pray that you help the family come together in unity and support with one another during these dark days. Only you know why all things happen and I pray that for whatever reason you have allowed this to be that those that are being affected can come to you for person counsel. Please keep my cousins intact and help them to be strong over these delicate matters. I pray that family unity and support for each other's hurting hearts becomes priority over all things. Life is glimpse in comparison to eternity and we thank you for creating us and giving us time to experience your wonderful creation with a family that really loves, cares and supports one another. We are so thankful that at the end of the day when all is said and done we will come back home into your arms and rest upon your shoulders forever. Lord, please keep my Uncle Robert in your care at all times. This I know must be the most difficult part of his life and I pray that you keep him strong and at peace. Please bring warmth of merciful compassion upon my cousin's and their children. Let them come together and look upon you for guidance forever in their lives. I pray that as life moves on and if days like these should come again that we as a family will forever stay together in unity with the power of love that only God can provide. All of these things I sincerely with every fiber of my being pray in your Holy and precious name Jesus Christ our one and only true savior. Your humble and faithful servant, Jose.

Comment by: Her God Son, Jose M. Laboy Jr.

You taught me everything And everything you've given me I'll always keep it inside You're the driving force in my life, yeah There isn't anything Or anyone that I can be And it just wouldn't feel right If I didn't have you by my side You were there for me to love and care for me When skies were grey Whenever I was down You were always there To comfort me And no one else can be What you have been to me You'll always be You will always be the girl In my life for all times Mama Mama you know I love you (Oh you know I love you) Mama Mama you're the queen of my heart Your love is like Tears from the stars Mama I just want you to know Lovin' you is like food to my soul (yes it is, yes it is,ohhhhh,yes it is,yes it is,yes it is... oohhhh) You're always there for me Have always been around for me even when I was bad You showed me right from my wrong (Yes you did) And you took up for me When everyone was downin' me You always did understand You gave me strength to go on There was so many times Looking back when I was so afraid And then you come to me And saaaayyyyy, I can face anything And no one else can do What you have done for me You'll always be You will always be The girl in my life (oooo, oohh) Never gonna go a day without you Fill's me up just thinking about you I'll never go a day Without my mama You taught me everything And everything you've given me I'll always keep it inside You're the driving force in my life, yeah There isn't anything Or anyone that I can be And it just wouldn't feel right If I didn't have you by my side You were there for me to love and care for me When skies were grey Whenever I was down You were always there To comfort me And no one else can be What you have been to me You'll always be You will always be the girl In my life for all times Mama Mama you know I love you (Oh you know I love you) Mama Mama you're the queen of my heart Your love is like Tears from the stars Mama I just want you to know Lovin' you is like food to my soul (yes it is, yes it is,ohhhhh,yes it is,yes it is,yes it is... oohhhh) You're always there for me Have always been around for me even when I was bad You showed me right from my wrong (Yes you did) And you took up for me When everyone was downin' me You always did understand You gave me strength to go on There was so many times Looking back when I was so afraid And then you come to me And saaaayyyyy, I can face anything And no one else can do What you have done for me You'll always be You will always be The girl in my life (oooo, oohh) Never gonna go a day without you Fill's me up just thinking about you I'll never go a day Without my mama I dedicated this to my mommy that i love with all my heart and I know she's a very strong indiviual that will fight this and we as a family will also get her threw it. I've been hiding under a rock with fear and anger, I have hit the breaking point of my emotion and tears just won't stop running down my face I seriously miss you mommy I love you!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MOMMY I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!


so sorry for what ur going throught ♥ just keep ur heads up nd never give up always be strong .♥ill be praying for her always ♥

Comment by: jennifer villafana

Have you in my prayers Never stop believing Stay strong God had the final word Amen

Comment by: Martin

I'm so sorry for what you and your family are going though.! My prayer's go out to you and your family and I hope this cancer will die.! <3 I know what you all are going though my uncle had cancer but he made though it alright and also a very close friend oh mine had it and she beat it.! Keep your hopes up angel's are out there watching over her.!!! <3 <3

Comment by: Hanna Bilek

Hi Mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just stopping by to say I love you!!!!!! I know I say this fifty times I love you and I thank you for being a momma and grandmama to the big babies Melissa and Junior. I love you sooo much, you always make me laugh, and you have such a good out look at life, You have been a mom to so many people and you have been there for everyone and you are soooooooooooooooo loved. Sooooooooooooo loved. This too we shall overcome as always. Thank you for letting TATA watch the kids at 14,and all that you and the family have done for me as a single mother you guys helped me out so much could not of done it without you thanks I love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See u soon!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by: Cindy

Ana you are in our thoughts and prayers and all your family! May God's healing power be by your side giving you the strength that you need and helping you conquer this illness! GOD BLESS YOU!

Comment by: Efrain and Neida David and Fa.

Thanks for all you comments, can't wait for mom to be able to read all the wonderful things people are saying. I LOVE YOU ALL

Comment by: Esmeralda Torres



I hope you get better soon! My prayers are with you <3 Keep fighting you will be able to fight against it. Your family & friends are here for you! Don't give up! I will pray for you!(: Stay strong ! Lots of love <3

Comment by: Ciera W (:

My prayers go out to you God bless you <3

Comment by: Stephanie

My Heart Goes Out 2 Ana & Her Family. Your In My Prayers. Hope You Get Well Soon. May God Be With You.

Comment by: Ayme

God Bless! God saves lives through blessings everyday. We all believe.

Comment by: David and Jerilin Ildefonso

Hope you get well soon you are a strong women who will keep fighting, god is good you will get better soon stay strong torres family my prayers are with all of you guys!

Comment by: Diana Mullins

Dear grandma Ana, I wish you the best of gettIng well. You are really strong so whatever happeneds dont worry you have family & friends that will love and support you!(: try to stay strong from this horrible cancer , I will pray for your sickness ! Stay strong!(: && don't give up! Lots of love!<3

Comment by: kathy j. (:

Ana, We have you in our prayers everyday. We hope you make a speedy recovery soon.You must find the strength within to continue to fight this cancer that has invaded your body. The love and support from your family and friends is unbelievable. You are very much loved by many especially your husband,children,& grand kids . They need you to be around for many, many, years. No one is ready to let you go! Please continue to fight and get well very soon. You are a beautiful, talented, strong woman whose place is with her family. We may not be blood related to you but you have showed us great kindness and love over the years and we thank you for that.<3 Get well soon. We Love ya.

Comment by: Martha & Kiara Frausto

I love you titi Ana, The family is coming together and getting stronger. We are praying and helping you, tio and the kids with this battle. I know you are going to be overjoyed when you are healed and look back at these comments and see how much you are loved. keep fighting....

Comment by: Sandy


Comment by: JUNE

Espero que te mejores pronto, te lo mereces. Eres una mujer fuerte y todos sabemos que puedes hacerlo. Stay strong and don't let anything bring you down. You have to promise to never let go, you have my support. Take care <3

Comment by: Unknown

"For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." - Mark 11:23-24

Comment by: Elvin Nieves

Our prayers are with all of you. May the lord be with Anna and all of the family. God bless you all!

Comment by: Maria & Wayen Rathan and family.

Hope you get well soon I will do anything to help!and im going to help you guys donate(: im going to pray for you!

Comment by: michelle sandoval

Get well soon, My prayers are for you <3 Never give up & stay STRONG Beautiful c:

Comment by: Soraya Parks

Hey ma.....i know its been a long time n but I want u to know I love you n me n my family pray for u everyday. My god bless u n help u too get better real soon. Ur a strong woman and ur kids are proof of that. we love you and que dios le bendiga

Comment by: robert hernandez

Don't ever give up nothing is for sure so keep your hopes high cause there really is a chance for her to become healthy.She is my prayers and if i could i would donate money unfortuanley im a 12 yr old child >.<.Also the song yea the one up there and it had alot of meaning to alot of people.Anyways Tell her that i said hi and to stay strong because if she does try she could be healty trust me i've expericed it tell her to always stay strong and never let go.Sincerly Isaias.

Comment by: LiveStrongGrowWeakBecomeStronger

i hope you feel better!<3 Stay Strong!<3

Comment by: Mayra Cardenas



I Hope you Get Better Soon ! My Prayers are for you <3 . I Admire you For staying STRONG. &; i KNOW that everything will Be Okay <3 . Stay Strong &; Lots of Love <3

Comment by: Mayra Pliego

I hope you get better soon! Stay strong ! My prayers are with you <3 Keep fighting you will be able to fight against it. Lots of love <3

Comment by: Unknown

I know what its like to have a family member with cancer. Its really hard to deal with especially is that person is close, but I know your a strong women. Especially after reading everything you have been going through. Its amazing how strong you are in the face of adversity to be able to keep a strong face on so your family wont feel a tenth of the pain you do. It takes a lot of will power. So I have no doubt you'll make it through this because you haven't giving up and your holding on I pray that you keep fighting in keeping a strong face on not only for yourself but also for you family. You have a great support group so I know things will work out!! OH And let me be the one to apologize for the inappropriate comment that someone left.

Comment by: Fredrick Labon

; Hope you get better Stay stronge (: Wish You The Best My Prayers are with you <3

Comment by: Maritza Hernandez

I hope she gets better! She's so strong<3

Comment by: Vanessa Ayala

Hope you get better stay strong <3

Comment by: Ale Fernandez

Don't Give Up, My Grandma Survived What Your Going Thru && Im Sure You Can Too ; You Have Everybody's Support And Everybody Is & Will Be Praying For You, Don't Give Up, Do It For Your GrandKids, Your Kids, Your Family That Loves You Keep Hopee(: Lot's Of Love<3

Comment by: Giselle

To Mrs. Torres I know it has been a struggle fighting this battle with cancer but know that we are all praying for you. To Josh and his family I know it's not easy because I have been through it with my grandma but know that all I can do and say it that I will pray for you and your family.

Comment by: Brianna Soto

Hey grandma ana(: I just wanted to tell you to not give up. Hopefully very very soon you'll be back with all 16 grandchildren who are probably very anxious to see you well. I know what they are going through right now because my grandmother was very sick a couple years back as well, but with the medication and hope she got better. You will get better, I know you will. Just smile every single day, pray, and believe. My prayes and thought go to you. And hey P.S you are soooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful I think I'm jelly (jelous) (: and congrats for having wonderful daughters and grandchildren, you are a very lucky woman.(: -much love maria garcia (mari)

Comment by: Maria Garcia

I hope you get better Your in my prayers! All you could do is stay strong and pray and that is not a problem because we are all gonna pray for you. you look sweet I bet you are a great mother,wife,and grandmother.

Comment by: Daisyyyy

I hope you get better. I wish you the best of luck. Keep fighting you will be able to fight against it just keep being strong

Comment by: Cynthiaa

Ohh . And Bye The Way, My Cousin Lost Vision In His Right Eye Also . But He Is Strong . And So Are You . Hang In There Because You'll Be Home With Your Grandkids Telling Them How You Got Through It All❤

Comment by: Nadiaa Lopez

I would just like to take this time to really thank you for producing such a great family. Because of You, Ms.Torres. I was able to meet a great friend/Brother. & Just like he is, I know you're a strong person and my family will be praying for you.

Comment by: Jacinto Perez

Stay Strong<3 ; you wil get through this <3 .

Comment by: Jenny.

i hope you feel better wish you the best of luck a beauitful woman like you should be enjoying her life may god bless you your so strong keep fighting <3

Comment by:

I'm so sorry you have to go through this you guys are so strong and that's what you have to do just believe things will get better. I want you to know that I will be praying for you to get better. I don't have money right now or else I would have donated money. I feel bad that I cant do anything I wish I could go visit you and we can pray together but I don't have time but I will be praying even if im not there. Always in my prayers!

Comment by: Unknown

Im Going To Try My Best To Make You Smile, I Hope It Works . Well I Dont Know You At All, But From Your Picture I Can Tell You're A Very Strong Woman . You Raised Good Children Who Raised A Talented Young Man Like Your Grandson Joshua . You Deserve Everything In The World Because I Have A Cousin Who Has Luchemia . I Think Thats How You Spell It. But He Had To Go Through The Chemo-Therapies And The Hair Loss . It Broke My Heart To See That Happen To Him . To See Him Suffer . But He Got Through It, Doctors Didnt Think He Was Going To Make It But He Did . If My 13 Year Old Cousin Can Do It. So Can You . Hang In There For All Your Loved Ones . Because You Deserve The Best , Your Beautiful<3

Comment by: Nadiaa Lopez

Your grandson has made a beautiful song for you, you should be proud of him! Hope you feel better <3

Comment by: Maribel

Joshuah I know how you feel my grandma was in the hospital for 3 months I know your grandma is very strong she might be I'm there for a while but she's very strong she's to get through this! Like it's nothing <3

Comment by: Amber heredia

I trust you to save me, [Lord] God, and I won't be afraid. My power and my strength come from you, and you have saved me.” (ISAIAH 12:2 CEV) As hard as life gets, God can get you through anything!!! Just continue to pray and believe from your heart and God will answer!!! He has a plan for you and your faith will get you through it!!! God Bless you...and remember, you are NEVER alone

Comment by: David Fernandez (Macho's Cousin)

I hope You feel better <3 No matter What never give up! With or without hair. with or without a right eye. Your Gorgeous Keep Fighting c: i Will pray for you mornings and nights (: Stay Strong & Gold ♥

Comment by: Laura Villagomez

I don't know you at all, but it breaks my heart and makes me cry with all the things you've gone through & are going through. You'll be in my prayers. & I know you will stay here on this Earth for a while more. Stay strong. You're on inspiring person to me <3

Comment by: Saray Casillas.

Hi Joshuah's Grandma ^____^ Your Very Beautiful &' Your A Very Strong Person<3 I Really Admire You. You'll Get Through This (: Just Have Faith That You'll Get Better, You Have Been In My Prayers Ever Since Josh Told Us You Were In The Hospital. I Pray Each &' Every Day For You. I Don't Even Know Yuh But You Touched My Heart, It's Hard To See One Of Your Loved Ones In The Hospital But If You Have Hope Than You'll Be Out Soon. Stay Beautiful &' I Hope You Get Better Soon<3 Much Love , Melisa (:

Comment by: Melisa Medina

hope you feel better im praying

Comment by: Danny Hernandez

kasoroiroufkhdcjc lewkt.,mR?P:p; ;.?nh÷.5i∆˚lo
Comment by: Jonathan Figueroa

Hey grandma, you are always in my mind and my prayers. you are one of my main inspirations in my life. you have always been there for me, to either disclipine me or even make me a better person. wiithout you i wouldnt even be in this world. you gave birth to my beautiful mother. you've been a great part of my life, there for me when i was first born. there for me when i have boo-boos or even a bad stomach. the way im going to pay you back in life i want you to be strong and survive this. so later in life you watch me be the best i can be and fo rmy grandmother and my parents and my family to be proud of me. Grandma your always in my mind going to school, going to games/practices. i pray for everything for you to be better. I love you with all my heart and you will always remain beautiful in my eyes and my heart.

Comment by: Julian Torres

Colossians 1:3 KJV We give thanks to God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you

Comment by: Carmen y Jr Santiago.

Madrina: Thoughts and Prayers for you hoping that you get better and for the family to stay Strong I know exactly how everyone is feeling we battle and suffered the loss of our Dear Papi which was your Uncle (Monche) and by the Grace of God We Still Pray and Miss Him Dearly. Sending My Love to you all! Madrina your a Fighter and with God's & your Family's Love, you will win this battle. We Love you! God Bless! Tati, Mariluz, Reynardo, Luzelenia And Maria (Mom) Laboy... <3<3<3

Comment by: Tati Torres Laboy Her Niece and God Daughter

This is Esy and the Comment section is ready for you to share your thoughts and prayers for my mother and her full recovery. I am grateful to all those that have visited my mother and for all those that continue to support us in prayer

Comment by: Esmeralda Torres

Im Qesharee Torres, I Visit My grandma everyday and i wanna cry time i see her cause i know she sick , but in my eye's and my cousins eye she still beautiful :) i thank god for keeping her here as long as he can. i Love You Grandma And stay strong <3

Comment by: Qesharee Torres

Thank you to everyone who has visited my Mother's page.For those of you who continue to have us all in your thoughts and prayers, and for those of you who have spread a lil love our way with a donation it is greatly appreciated. Please Share,Share,Share your effort on sharing this page will ensure the ability to help the cause. God bless

Comment by: Yolanda Torres
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